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A Father’s Wish

I will fly you high upon my shoulders,

Reach as far as my wings can fly,

Leave you upon the highest mountain within my reach.

When I am no longer of flesh and blood,

Imprint your footsteps on a path of your own.

From the mountain I place you upon as the foundation,

Launch your young life to fly as high as you can.

Do not strive to be as me, I have run my race with the wolves,

Start from where I end, there is no need to retrace my steps,

Instead soar in the winds of heaven known as life,

From where I cease to be, find your way through life’s maze,

Discover paths I never traversed, your journey is for you to own,

Falter not in fear of doubt, my strength I have instilled within you,

When I am no longer of the flesh, I will ever be your guiding light,

At times when you falter, you will hear my gentle voice,

Feel my hands upon you as I stand you back on solid ground,

Know in all your heart my son that you will never walk alone.


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