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A Forbidden Love

The beginning so confusing; between love and lust I could not differentiate,

The excitement, the passion; the secret moments stolen from each day,

The patient hours we watched; in silent anxiety,

As we waited for each moment; that was due to be ours,

When apart; short moments seemed like an eternity filled with longing,

Together held in loves embrace; a day seemed only but a short moment.

The moments, stolen from another; were they so wrong?

But what of the fire and the passion; what was right and wrong?

Are we ever owned by another; or do we give of ourselves to those who we choose,

The anxiety and the guilt; the pride and the shame,

Two minds seeming as one; all in the battle, of the one within.

At times totally lost; in a sea of love,

Sometimes bound; in the fires of an eternal lust,

Could she give so much of her; if she belonged to another?

The push and pull; the right and the wrong,

The chill of being; on the edge of the line,

Confusion being; a constant state of mind,

The answers unknown; at this moment in time,

Such was the case; of a forbidden love.

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