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A Friend in Need

As I walked along; on my father’s vast land,

I heard your cry; a cry for strength, a cry for help,

The tremble in your voice; the silent tears that streaked your tender heart,

My heart cried; my legs shook,

I had to stay; to lend a hand, to guide you through,

For are you not a beautiful child; Born of my father,

Learning as you walk; on his heavenly land,

Your gentle loving Soul; asking for ever so little,

I simply could not pass by; I could not let you down,

Were your tears not shed; for the shallowness of others who simply let you down,

My own needs; my plans, my dreams,

They would have to wait; shelved or even forever put off,

I had to ask, that my father’s strength be granted; to my dearest friend in need.

The glorious hours we spent; the beautiful things we did,

Each moment of bliss; clearly engraved on a memory beyond time,

The simplicity of our bond; the richness of its quality,

Riches we did not need; to decorate our journey,

The beautiful quality of your being; your gentle and tender loving nature,

Your simple and open honesty; the games we played with childish innocence,

The warmness of your smile; simply flooding my heart with joy,

Reminding me of emotions; I had known in the years gone by,

The self-control I needed; as I watched and nurtured your growth,

In the discovery of truth; the search for your-self,

Feeling you tremble; as you learned the power of trust,

Watching you blossom; like a beautiful rose,

As you learned of a relationship; a bond so complete and true,

The light in your eyes; the quickening of your heart,

As you experienced the wonder of a love; unconditional and true,

These my dear sweet friend; I Could not deny you.

Blue skies lay ahead; what would life be?

Tenderly I ride; wild winds into the unknown,

I still hear thy call; in the still of the night,

I see your warm smile; on the mystical stairway,

I feel your hurt; as I look into your fragile heart,

Watching you live; all you have learnt,

Though I am not there; your life I still share,

As I sit beside thee a silent spectator; watching you dance your dance of life,

My dear sweet friend forever I shall be; right by your side when you need me to be,

A true friend indeed; is a friend when in need.

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