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A Heart Held Captive

My heart left unguarded was snared by the blade of love,

Held captive within all that is you, I am imprisoned by love.

You hold the keys, the warden of my incarceration.

At your will I remain, anchored by love, I am unable to run,

My path to salvation is to disown a heart filled with love.

My escape would entail a life bearing a heart without love,

But that is not new for that is how life was before we met.

Thunder and lightening fill my head, night and day the same,

The battle of the mind, to stay or run free, return to the wind,

My answers I must find if my sanity is to endure.

A return to the wild is of no concern, it is a life I well mastered,

Solitary footprints I left before, for I walked alone in life’s way,

A heart locked within walls, kept safe from love’s vulnerability,

The wind on my face and the wolf at my heel, life was my oyster,

Roaming vast desolate lands, many strangers did I meet.

The nomad within stirs, plans of escape start to emanate,

Rescind the love held in my heart, a big hurdle to rise above,

Accept that no longer will I hold love in my heart till my day is up.

Live life empty for a while, the wind will rise again beneath my wings,

There will be no more disappointment, for life will not hold promise.

The dawn of each day brings the scent of departure so much closer,

Plans start to decipher, a mind shed of potential regrets I must find,

Once I am gone there will be no return, for I never look back,

When the nomad goes no one knows, only faint footprints remain,

A subtle change in ambience is all that is ever left behind.

When you look within and my cage I bare, you will know I am gone,

The love in my heart you may hold captive, but that I will not need.

Detachment from life may not be living life’s true essence,

But numbing the tides of emotion I have learnt, deftly I adapt,

A drifter detached of love I have lived, leaving my heart held captive.


Image credits to Pinterest

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