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A Heavenly Soul

You came unto me quite unexpected,

A white winged angel in earthly disguise.

Our paths crossed by chance as I walked a lonely street.

The tattered clothes you wore failed to hide your elegance.

Your demeanour though simple,

Reflected a grace in days gone by.

Your tear-stained face sad but still exotic,

Heartbroken and bruised, still pure, and sincere.

A man of words abundant; tongue tied I stood mesmerised.

My instant yearning, to blend our hearts into one,

Give your beautiful heart a home, to share with mine.

You feared not my presence, calmly you walked beside me,

Where did you come from; where are you going, I asked?

You just smiled weakly, a smile that said more than words.

I continue to walk with you, help you heal what was broken,

Mend your broken wings and set you free to fly.

I sure will miss your heartbeat, beating next to mine,

But your journey is your own; stay true to your soul.

My path is that of solitude, the lone wolf walks alone,

I pause to lend a hand to a soul in need, then I will be gone.

Do not try to understand me, for I am an illusion in time,

There when in need, but no longer when the need is done.

Though our paths fail to last, our encounter I will remember,

The sweet heavenly soul, that came from deep within the dark.


Image credits to Pinterest

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