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A King Without a Crown

We have walked hand in hand on soft pebbled beaches,

We swam in crystal clear blue waters of wide oceans,

We have crossed burning desert sands of nomadic lands,

With you I have lain in fields of snow, warm in our embrace.

As a king I have adored the ground that you walked on,

As a beggar I bowed my head when your gentle feet walked by,

I have walked a thousand miles to see your sweet smile,

We have made love as we looked deep into each other’s eyes.

I have laid to waste those who have meant you harm,

I held dear those that helped you when you were down,

We have danced to our soul’s song without an audience,

We rode wild horses against the crazy winds on our face.

As I fought in the wars of the people, your love brought me home,

No foe was going to stop me, my heart yearned to hold you close,

Held in your arms I lost sight of the horror of fierce battles,

You tender love cleansed my heart of pain and set my soul free.

We have loved over many lives, our souls have learnt so much,

I have been your king without a crown, my love was always yours,

Now that my last breath is gone, I can no longer hold you close,

I can only love you through the ethers, be your king without a crown.


Image credits to Pinterest

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