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A Lone Wolf

A Lone Wolf

A lone wolf howls near; the silence of the night shatters,

I awake from my slumber; step out into the pale blue night,

Blood red eyes glow in the dark; the wolves’ hunger,

I see your ethereal aura; glowing in the pale blue light,

Your smile radiant; eyes aglow, drawing me closer,

I reach out in earnest; but there is no substance,

Separated by an astral veil; your mystical energy a healing light,

Mending my scarred heart; under a pale blue moon.

I return to my abode; the wolves still hunger,

Images of you fill my dreams; we play on the astral stairway,

We dwell in different worlds; through divine magic we touch,

Memories of times long gone fill me; of when we walked upon the Earth,

We drank our fill from heaven’s fountain, played in the garden of Eden,

My tired Soul yearns to reunite; return to the whole once again,

Do I forfeit a penny to the ferryman; for my heart is ready,

Not yet you say, our time will come; when your journey is done.

I awake in the rays of the rising Sun, you are no longer near,

Walk my path I must; till my work is done,

Touch the hearts of others; pay my debts of karma,

Walk among the downtrodden; waltz to the music of Queens,

Inscribe the chapters of my journey; on the fabric of time,

When my book is done; we can reunite, return to the whole,

Pay my penny to the ferryman; an extra for the lone wolf,

Then we can both return to nirvana; under a pale blue Moon.

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