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A Man of Colours

As I lay in the dark of the night; so perfectly still in a haunting silence,

I see you move like silent shadows; swiftly and surely, your sense of purpose so strong,

The heavenly robes you wear; made of a fine texture,

The colours so brilliant; blinding to my simple human eyes,

Oh! Sweet man of colours; where do you come from?

You silently visit; this humble home of mine,

Why me I ask thee; what is to become of me?

You just smile; a tender loving smile,

Letting me know; you are of the same source as me.

This restless road to nowhere; that I know as life,

It is a path of learning; you simply say,

Hence the desire to keep on moving; you keep alive with a silent gesture,

A gentle push; when I choose to stand still,

Time stands still for no man you say; thus I must keep moving,

You move in strange ways; beyond my skill of reason,

You grant me much wisdom; as I walk a path filled of divine wisdom,

You walk by my side like an angel; sent from another kingdom and time.

It has been so long now; since we first met,

You came at a time; when my life was so blue,

I knew a sweet girl; who had to go on a journey of her own,

You helped me to see; through the sadness that clouded my vision,

Today I walk with a purpose so strong; my vision much clearer,

Life and its many mysteries; created in a physical dimension,

A school of schools; purely for the learning of a divine Soul,

You guide me to where I am to be; away from where I should not be,

You bring unto me; all the tools I need to be,

At each hurdle that binds me; your love and strength you grant me,

When all seems lost; healing love you send down unto me.

As I walk this vast earth; filled with many,

The problems of others you help me to see; a helping hand I pause to be,

Times and places coincide; with a synchronicity too good to be,

I often ask; where this winding path is leading me?

Perhaps I shall silently listen; allow what is meant to be,

As you walk by my side; through this twisted maze of webs,

In my father’s mansion; you have shown me to be home,

A man of colours the same as you; he who walked ahead of me,

I thank you my friend; forever a brother you shall be,

Bound through the love; that created you and me,

May these simple words always be; my thanks for all you have done for me.

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