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A Mirror of Time

In that crowded room; I looked deep into her eyes as she did unto mine,

There she stood in all her radiant beauty; a goddess in earthly form,

An image which drowned the crowd to oblivion; a state of non-existence,

Captivated I stood; my legs could run no more.

As our eyes looked on; there was a glimpse of recognition,

Of a time way back when; the start of creation,

A strange chill ran up my spine; which slowly spread throughout my being,

What was this strange feeling; who was this mystical being?

Why did my feet stop moving; paralysed I stood with no alternative at hand.

Where was the world I once lived in; where did it all go?

As the trembling subsided; slowly in time we settled in fine,

The more I gazed into her eyes; the deeper I was drawn,

To depths unknown; unto this time,

Our individual worlds ceased to exist; we could not resist,

Who was this lady; with the clear blue eyes.

In her eyes I saw many reflections; of times so long ago,

Of love and hurt, of joy and sorrow; the many dreams of yester-year,

At first it was far beyond my understanding; until I looked so much deeper,

It was then I realised; I was looking in a mirror at my own true self,

To the very core of my true being; masked until now,

Yes, she faithfully reflected; the very desires of my heart and Soul,

Built upon layers; through a river of time.

To some be it a soul mate; to others a twin flame,

To me she was a mirror; reflecting the totality of time,

Where good and bad, love and hurt; the yin and yang,

All truly one and the same; reflections of a Soul’s journey,

To a center of centers; a pure nirvana,

A universe within a universe; all within the course of time.

At this point in time; I clearly see,

Those clear blue eyes; like a sparkle in the clear big ocean,

She showed me my river; the river of time.

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