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A Mother So Devoted

Over thirty years ago; you answered my calling,

The calling of an old soul; with a strong desire for learning,

I came from a place where all the rivers run from; my father’s kingdom,

You laboured my birth; not knowing who I am,

All in total trust; as you had three times before,

The one you lost I am not; but thanks for the chance,

For I am of your flesh and blood; my thanks is eternally yours,

In the infant years your love warmed me; as your body nourished me,

Your care and patience through childhood; the concern and tears through adolescence, For these how do I ever repay you; or even fully thank you.

In the middle years when I turned my face; tears you gladly shed,

Your love and support never faltering; your loving arms held open wide,

Standing back with loving advice when in need; you watched my growth into manhood, Each time I fell in life’s way you were there to help me; get back along the way,

You held me close to your chest; eased my weary and aching head,

Wiping my tears with your love; you stood me back onto solid ground,

Only to stand back and watch; as I flew like the eagle amid the winds of life,

The gleam in your eyes; a hint of the pride you felt,

For I was your son; born of your womb,

Living in a world, a field of dreams; filled of tears and laughter,

Searching each corner; to learn of a love that was unconditional and true,

All along it was right there in front of me; all I had to do was open my own eyes,

Look your way, see the shining light; realise all that is so unconditional and true.

What did you ever get in return; for your belief in me,

What gave you your strength; smiling you gave so much,

You never knew what I would turn out to be; then again did it matter as such?

All you ever asked me to be; was to be that which is me,

Silently you pray I be guided to the real me; the core within,

You yearn for my contentment; to win against the demons that stand in my way, Whenever I seemed to fail; you would pick up my sword to show me the way,

As I stood at the crossroads of each hell; a sacrifice you would always make,

Nothing in return you give for the joy of giving; me your son,

But who do you turn to; to brighten your day, to soothe your loving soul,

Who dries your tears; loneliness being the state of your heart,

Those to whom you gave so much; now moved on, they live out their lives.

Yes mama, I too had to go; searching for all that I am, I walk many miles,

Searching each corner; leaving no stone unturned,

With each step; I learn to unlock the many doors of realisation,

This I must do; for then I could give you, all that I must,

While fear, doubt and other hurdles stand in my way; what I must, I cannot give,

It is your love and strength that helps me to go on; please don’t let me down,

Your unwavering love is all that I have; in a world that has been so cold,

Though I could not show you; my love has always been there for you,

As I overcome each barrier within me; the more I can show you of me, be closer to you, As I learn to show my love to a world that has been so cold; I learn to show you my love, Mama please don’t doubt me; slowly each day I learn to belong,

As time passes I walk less on my own; more holding the hands of others,

All that I learn I have always known; I am just learning to see through the clouds,

Just as I have always known all that you are to me; as I know I am to you,

Your love for me is not unnoticed; as is your unselfish giving,

In my heart; you have always and forever you shall be,

A mother so kind and so true; a mother to me, that is all so devoted

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