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A Path of Choice

As cold southern winds blow; I hear a voice calling,

Move on to the next pasture; the winds are so much warmer,

Sit by the fire she would say; rest for a while,

Perhaps talk; of the long years gone by,

Share in the light; of a wonderful life,

Follow on dreams; though we may cry,

But that is all right; even kings do cry,

The taste of the bloody wars; let us leave to the years gone by,

Be that who you are; as I shall be who I am,

Together we can be of help; to realise who we are,

Two simple characters; playing their role,

In a play; within the play of life,

Let go darling; for I too am afraid,

Let us face tomorrow; when it does dawn.

Go easy baby; you are much too fast,

I got places to go; things I have to do,

Buildings to build; riches to collect,

What need do I have to realise; besides that what I know,

For I know me; as you know you,

Don’t sit too long baby; you may miss this life,

Win all you can; for tomorrow you may cease to be,

Then you shall have time; to lay down and dream,

We know what we love; as we do what we hate,

What else is there to realise; it is riches that I seek,

Baby I have been to the place you speak of; the scars still remain,

I got no time for that now baby; my life is high paced,

I have missions to run; dollars to make,

Got to go now sweetheart; time is wasting,

Why do you look so sad baby; now I feel sad too,

Now look what you have done woman,

You have got me feeling; sad and ridden with guilt,

Lost in confusion; don’t know which road to cross.

Do not feel sad or guilty my friend; for I do not judge you,

I never asked for your way to be; just as mine,

All I asked was to just be yourself; be it right or wrong,

Your God is of gold; mine is of love but that is all right,

For what you are; as what all others are,

Serves the purpose of my learning; the realisation of myself,

Each show me the many paths; the many characters in the play,

The crossing of each path; shows me mine more clearly,

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