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A Place Called Home

Riding the wild desert lands; traversing vast fields of snow,

Months go by; in search for the bounty,

Thoughts of you; give the will to go on,

To nourish our bodies; through the cold winter months,

Carry us through; till the warmth of spring is again upon us.

I step onto the earthen floor; lay the bounty upon the table,

You turn from the hearth; as the broth slowly simmers,

You simply smile asking no questions; my welcome home,

Your outstretched arms give comfort; wash away the weariness,

The blood on my hands; tormenting my Soul.

A simple meal consumed; out bodies warm in a tender glow,

Staring at the fire; we share the experience of the months gone by,

As we lay entwined in love’s way, in the silence of the night,

I lay my head on your shoulder; let the torment wash away,

In your arms I lay cradled; in this place we call home.

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