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A Sense of Reason

A beautiful wild land so far away; my feet first learn to walk on hot sands,

Starting the journey of this life; we pass through ever so briefly,

The lessons come and the lessons go; each developing the Soul,

As each layer of the onion is shed; the closer we get to the centre,

With each layer exposed; a new reality in our beliefs.

The sleeping Soul awakens; with each tender experience,

The winds of life continue to blow; the mysteries of the physical unfold,

The joys and the sorrows; give meaning through the depth of experience,

The constant spiral inwards; to expose our very core the purpose,

The nirvana we all yearn for; do you really exist?

We hold all that is true; letting go of all that is frivolous,

The outdated baggage that we carry; weighing us so heavy,

Making each step a labour; slowing a Souls hunger, an inner yearning,

The truth exposed in due course; through the many emotions of the physical,

The impatience and the reluctance both nudged; guided by the path of life.

Once again as I stand on solid ground; the yearnings slowly get clearer,

The chill winds that stagnated my wings; slowly but steadily turn warm,

The flutter of a beating heart quickening; the tremor felt through my being,

Reflecting on the roads already travelled; cleansing the slate,

Ready to scribe new chapters; etch in script the story of all that I am.

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