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A Ship Adrift

Sails drawn down, the rudder secured taught,

I drift these emotional waters, no waver in my intent,

As I wait for you to show at the agreed point in time and space,

I dwell in a void of absence, emptiness a state of being,

For my soul knows of times we walked before in times long gone.

A yearning to enact the scripts of wonder we wrote in days of ages,

With gleaming eyes, your lips on mine in love’s sweet embrace,

Colour our souls in the hues of rainbows, let our tender hearts soar free,

The journey of our souls, to know of love that is all encompassing,

Where body, mind, heart, and soul meet in heaven’s divine union.

As the time draws near, my heart in trepidation of tomorrow unknown,

As ships change their course at sea, hearts can drift in alternate directions.

If a change of heart does not find you at this place at the appointed hour,

On these emotional waters is where I will be, adrift in eternal emptiness,

For while you hold my heart captive, I can never hold the hand of another.

As the end of days nears, this ships graveyard is where I will drown,

My soul will shed sorrowful tears as the rivers of emotion flow from ages,

Heart shattered like a pane of broken glass, dream of things we did before,

There is no end to love’s bond we share, it has held from the start of time,

To the realms of heaven, I pray for my soul to heal from fires that burn.


Written content by Rainier Poetry

Image credits to Pinterest

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