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A Wandering Nomad

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Under a blood red Sun; you gave me your heart,

So tender; so vulnerable,

In the misty moonlight we danced; to the beat of our song,

We enacted our story; till all was shared.

We danced at the waters edge; feet dug in the soft white sand,

We felt each other’s heartbeat; as we lay under starlit skies,

We dined on feasts for kings; drank our fill of wine,

We laughed and we cried; together we stood side by side.

When our lessons were done; all was shared,

I left on my journey; to find who I am,

Broken hearted you stood; a struggle to understand,

The mystery of the Soul searcher; the wandering nomad.

Our chapter maybe over; but what was shared remains,

Etched in golden ink; forever inscribed on time,

The beauty of your essence; imprinted in the corners of my mind,

Dance in the light sweet princess; live your dream to the full.

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