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Adios! Till We Meet Again

Conceiving me; you laboured my birth,

You gave me life; the first breath of my passage,

With silent tears; you believed in me, your prodigal son,

Your faith never faltering; even when I wavered,

You lovingly donated your cause; for the growth of your children.

A father lost when I was but young; this day I have feared,

A shadow in my heart; a hurdle I knew I must surmount,

With your last breath; you still gave me a chance to overcome,

A long-lived fear; a cross I had to overcome,

But then you always gave; with a selfless smile and never a doubt.

Unburdened now by an aging vessel; your spirit now free,

To roam the streets; of heaven’s kingdom,

Be with your love all eternal; your love for a partner so true,

Bask in the love you held in your heart; till this day dawned,

I will still touch you; through the fog that veils our worlds.

Rest your weary heart; your journey now successfully completed,

You have earned your divine rest; may your spirit now soar free,

Riches you never sought; yet you were rich in the love of so many,

The many hearts you have touched; it would field an army,

As a nation celebrates its Mothers; a single white dove takes flight,

Spiralling upwards; to her place in eternity.

I say adios my mother, my friend; till we meet again.

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