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Against All Odds - with Jenith Minion

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Sitting astride a snow-capped mountain, the grey wolf by my side.

My inner sanctum, I come to reflect within seeking for answers.

After many moons of solitude, a heart made vulnerable do I want?

She came unannounced; my sleeping heart she stirred to my surprise.

At the touch of her hand and sight of her smile, my frozen heart melted,

Do I defy heaven’s intention or allow the love held within to flow?

Gazing upon her fortified walls, dispersed her thoughts remain,

Averting the cruelty of her sad past; she loves my kind tenderness.

Immersed in the breeze of our love, she drifts away to serene shores!

Shaded in the safety of my love, she blossoms within an oasis we found,

Secure and comfortable in my arms, she breathes with an eternal smile,

Strengthened by our love, she fights against all odds to find a forever.

Raging storms cause her a river of tears, her soft tenderness is masked.

Within the depths of her gentle heart, I sense a longing of a meek soul,

A love of purity is all she seeks; this I gladly shower upon her being.

I live in hope our love will dowse the furnace the past immersed her.

Our hearts wrapped in love’s warmth, what else do we want for?

Thrilled and wildly excited, it is a heavenly bliss we are blessed with.

Many hurdles stand against us, but I have never shied away,

I have wielded many swords, fought for many loves that went sour.

Picking up the gauntlet, I fought with tenacity for the love that I held.

Her heart is of a warrior, pure and sincere yet filled of strength,

A mind that is balanced, her determination fills me with admiration.

A fearlessness in her I see; my warrior heart has met its match.

Her burdens higher than tall mountains, yet she bears it all in grace,

Her heaviness I held in my arms, as she trusts me with all her heart.

Hope fills her tormented heart; her love flows as a joyous fountain,

My love a cure for her bruises, healing her heart of a torn sad past,

My loving words take her to farther lands of solace and care.

My world is her, as I am hers; we stand together against all odds!

To rise against the odds we encounter, it needs two side by side.

I can holdout my hand, but it is her choice to gently hold it in hers.

A bond takes two hearts to touch, just as one hand cannot clap.

In love’s strength we will need to stand, even when cold winds blow.

On the scripts of ages fates are written, against the odds do we stand?

If against all odds we should win, our garden of Eden we shall find.


In collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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