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As I Emerge from a Chrysalis

They may come; flaunting their wares,

Lips painted red; daring clothes revealing all,

But it is of no use; for my heart is bound beyond their frail sight,

I dream of a nirvana; of a place once planned,

Scribed on the fabric of our creation; realisation to eventuate.

I wait for the day so eagerly; when you will walk into my heart,

Lavishing your sweet essence; engulfing my Soul,

Realise a long-held dream; the perfect yin and yang,

Find that piece of heaven; a place of total bliss,

Where heaven and earth meet; in perfect harmony.

Destiny will make its mark; hopefully we find love’s tender embrace,

Your lips feel warm; and ever so tender,

Holding you close; our bodies closely entwined,

A perfect fit; a divine masterpiece,

The lightness of my heart; the exhilaration of riding a whirlwind.

From worlds set apart we come; yet our paths still cross,

I feel a tug in my heart; to walk a path of mutual destiny,

Hand in hand to a future; to who knows where,

But in Heaven’s union; two hearts beat as one.

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