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As Stars Connect - with @psitsallrandom

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Two stars shone bright against the moon;

Instead of the one that usually shone alone.

Sometimes one brighter than the other,

Sometimes one closer to the moon than the other.

The two stars moved hand in hand in perfect unison,

For one was of Mercury, the other of the Moon.

They danced in sway to the rhythm of the cosmos,

A distant resemblance of you and me.

The two stars get closer and closer,

Feeling the intensity get higher and higher,

Until they are pulled apart once again.

Like their cosmic dance their love goes on eternal.

As with the duality in life we know as human.

The double-edged sword gives cosmic balance.

Each star may traverse a unique journey within a universe,

But through a gravitational constant they remain attached.

Just as the stars are connected, perhaps we are all as one,

Connected through an unseen thread we know as love.

We come together, we move apart, making each shine bright,

Dancing to life’s rhythms, we each find the glowing spark within.


and @psitsallrandon

Cover Image courtesy of Pinterest

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