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As Two Worlds Collide

Her eyes; a beautiful clear shade of blue,

Through which; her radiant beauty shone so bright,

Her long blond hair; swaying like an eternal veil,

The tender warm skin; which encased her beautiful being,

The softness of her gentle touch; the beauty of her smile,

The sound of her sweet voice; a serenade to my ears,

Oh, dear sweet lady; a princess shining so bright,

A perfection in creation; in a world so right.

We came into this life; on two separate lands, oceans apart,

The paths of our growth; simply worlds apart,

Yours of sweet innocence; mine the other,

A contrast; as black is to white, as Yin is to Yang,

For reasons of our own; and those unknown,

We found ourselves; in a vast new land,

Each engrossed; in a world of our own,

Why did I tremble? as I walked each step beside thee,

Does the moon feel as such? as it passes by the sun,

Why you? Why me? in a world of bliss,

Two hearts; that beat as one,

Why did we reach out on a limb? why did we dance in the light?

Were we the catalyst? to awaken our sleeping Souls.

Since our worlds parted; the tools I have gathered,

To prepare myself; for my bohemian world,

Now I travel this vast land; destined for other lands,

On a golden road; to who knows where?

I learn so much with each step; from all that surround me,

With each small step; I step onto higher ground,

I reflect on thy beautiful vision; I see your smiling face,

I feel thy warm presence; it urges me on, in the dark of the night,

To explore other aspects of life; in a daring light,

To lend a helping hand; to those in need,

To trustingly receive; when in need,

To see what is there to see; not what I wish to see,

Trusting in divine guidance; as I walk onto higher ground,

Dancing with strangers; to the rhythm of life,

Such is my world now; I must go on,

All this I shall owe; to a day way back then,

When our two worlds did collide; the perfect Yin and Yang.

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