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Beating Drums

In the dark of night, the silence is broken.

Distant drums beat to the chants of ancient rhythms.

My sleeping soul is awakened from deep slumber,

The call to walk in life’s way loud and clear.

The soul’s dormant rest must be interrupted,

The time has come to live through the next chapter.

Time stands still for no man they say.

Life is a gift to be lived for the soul’s learning.

A dormant existence not an option for long.

The soul’s yearning will create the play,

The stage will be set, our roles must be played.

Fear and excitement intermingle of an end unknown.

The haunting calls in the still of night,

Shadows move silently, busily paving the way.

We each contribute on the astral to define the play,

The script only known deep within, where lessons lay.

Anticipation of heart and mind a state of being,

Tepidly I walk the path of life’s way.

The synchronicity set, we will meet at a time and place,

Guiding hands will lead us, showing the way.

Events will occur to set the stage for us to meet,

Be we friends or foe we do not know,

The purpose being our lessons to share.

When the beating drums sound, know that I will be there.

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