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Beneath the Rock I Reflect

A brilliant sunset casting hues on the sacred red rock,

Standing proud in the central heartlands, a spiritual icon.

A peaceful ambiance uplifting, my heart finds solace within,

My breath slowed to a gentle rhythm; within I search the light.

A mind filled heavy with thoughts of you, as you live life’s way,

I know not which way the wind blows; I stand here on my own.

As I sit watching a butterfly flutter from flower to flower,

In stillness I remain, watching you flitter through events in your life.

Your words sing of the love shared, dormant hopes lift ever so higher,

If heart or mind is the source of our love I ponder in silence.

Warm winds blow us closer and then apart; my spirit is ever vigilant,

I have walked many streets of uncertainty, a game I no longer play.

My love for you is beyond question, but it takes two hands to clap.

I will be here if you choose to sit by my side, else I wish you the best,

Either way I harbour no regrets, every interlude brings life’s lessons.

Holding the love for you in my heart, here I shall sit till my expiry date,

You will know how to find me, the map is inscribed within your heart,

Through purity of a heart held true is the path to find love’s divine hope.

The night is now here, an endless darkness shrouds the great rock.

The energy of the spirit lands now stronger, I see through the dark veils,

My spirit now dances with those that walk wearing robes of gossamer.

A shadow of a serpent slithers by my hand, we intend each other no harm,

Weary of each other, in case one decides to strike, life and death on the edge.

Uncertain as love left blowing in the wind, the winds of heaven may change,

Love may soar higher than tall mountains, or decay within a heart left dead.

Seeking for your essence to hold close, many places I have roamed in search,

Many things I have done to uncover, the emotions that I have felt so varied,

The people that I have met as I walked, wearing masks of many designs.

Now that I have found you, do you see me holding true love with your name?

Will the love that you hold open-up your heart and soul? In time we will know.

Beneath the rock I reflect in stillness; here you will find me if you choose to look.


Image credits to Pinterest

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