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Blizzard Ahead

Traversing the lonely mountain ranges,

The grey wolf loping in glee,

A soft cool breeze touches my face,

Memories of your hair upon my skin,

The fresh mountain air fills my lungs,

I inhale the sweet scent of your presence,

I rest my weariness on the soft grass bed,

I feel the comfort of your love’s warm embrace,

Drinking from the cold flowing streams,

I taste the softness of your full lips.

Storm clouds brew in the hills yonder,

I reminisce of the turmoil in our midst,

The yearning for the nomadic life so strong,

Man and beast roam free in the wind,

To remain in the comfort of your love still strong,

Even though our sharing is done,

Thought of breaking your tender heart I do not relish,

The pain in your eyes burn through to my Soul,

The burden of choice weighing heavy on my heart,

Unblinking the wolf stares for he knows of my pain.

The journey we have shared was faultless,

But all we had to share is now complete,

Do we stay for the convenience of the joy we have known?

Or walk through the fires of separate ways,

Life beyond remains an unknown,

In trust do we leap empty-handed into the void?

Perhaps tonight I will seek shelter from the blizzard ahead,

Reach to the night sky for my answers,

On my return to what was once our warm loving home,

The storm we will deal with to define our future paths.

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