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Broken Arrow

I turned around, in an intoxicated stupor,

There you were, our connection was instant,

A fun-filled encounter, we could have made it through,

Your heart was pure, you asked for naught,

You were happy to take what was given,

Enjoying the moments shared, with no questions asked.

Floating in crystal clear pools, water from the falls raining down,

Basking in the sunshine, making love beneath the stars,

Every moment with you was bliss, conversation flowed freely,

Exploring deeper aspects of life, or the trivialities of the mundane,

As we danced our hearts were free, the Sun rose before we tired,

Dining by candlelight, strolling by the moonlit river exquisite.

But my dear sweet friend, I cannot be what you seek,

I was honest from the start, I could not stay by your side,

Not yet at least, for I am the broken arrow,

My feathers need to be mended, my direction remains clear,

My path I must follow, clear out the closet of the baggage within,

Perhaps then I can be, all that you expect of me.

As or journey climaxed, the higher your silent expectations,

Your disappointment triumphed, you walked away heartbroken,

Pictures of us maybe burnt, but memories remain imprinted on time,

I understand your hurt, though my honesty never wavered,

You deserve one who is complete and true, I could not compromise,

I must continue my mission, to mend the broken arrow.

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