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Broken Love

Shattered dreams, turmoil fills the night,

Writhing in sweat-soaked sheets restless I lay.

The crows feast on my liver each night in sleep,

But still, I continue to awake in each new dawn.

Love has tried its best, but I still stand in each dawn,

Heaven’s torment has its way, emptiness in each day.

I walk streets of loneliness, my shadow a sole companion,

The jackals howl while hyenas laugh in hideous tones,

An evil mirth chilling; for I am the subject of entertainment,

As I am the fool, forever the fool to fall again in love’s way.

I gave my heart on a platter, ignoring all common sense.

A heart void of love lost in seas of emotion, but I still walk.

Love lured me out of my shelter, the gods tease with illusion,

On my knees, blindly my love flowed, I held none back.

An angel held me in the palm of her hand, I was at her mercy.

The love I gave so freely just blowing in the night wind,

For it was a love that could not be, me the fool could not see.

Blinded by a heart yearning, logic was defeated to my dismay.

Yes, I am the joker in the deck, the bold king of all laughter,

The eternal fool, I let myself fall victim again to loves way.

Now shattered in fragments, slowly I assemble the pieces,

The wolf nuzzles my cheek, he sense the emptiness within.

He knows my time here is now done, his feet get restless,

Soon we will be gone, the distant hills will again be home,

My heart will remain mine alone, my door to love so well shut,

I have all that I need within, all I am is everything I will need.

The nomad can now wander distant hills, a grey wolf by his heels,

A heart wrapped in layers of ice; walking the hills explore in search.

Broken love I carry upon my back, till heaven will surely find me.


Image credits to Pinterest

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