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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Our paths crossed by chance; through a common interest,

A connection we formed; your Soul gentle and fragile,

If I was a carpenter; I would build you a boat,

For you to sail the seven seas, to fulfill your emotions,

For you are among the kindest of Souls, a pleasure to meet.

If I was a soldier; I would pledge you my sword,

To keep you from hurt, stand against your foes,

If I was a builder; I would build you a mansion,

At the top of the highest mountain; for you to call home,

For a Soul of gentle beauty; deserves blessings Divine.

If I was a man of medicine; I would heal your scars of age,

But if I was a magician; I would make them disappear,

As I am a simple man of words; I write you this ode,

Connection with a kindred spirit; is beyond the earthly,

It’s a friendship formed of choice; selfless in every way,

Be our connection short or long; I cherish the connection.

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