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Discover Through Love - with Jenith Minion

Sailing on serene oceans, letting our love unfold its play.

We fly in blue skies, our love flowing freely from deep within.

Dancing upon rainbows, united we stand in misty clouds.

Discovering the self as we immerse in our love’s way,

Unwrapping each layer of the other as our story unfolds.

Immersed in the depth of your love, I wish to vanish within you.

With you I see my being flourish, alone I wither or simply exist.

My heart so tender is strengthened by your presence close to me.

Though I fail to express how I feel, my every thought includes you,

I find the words to express my love, yet in your presence I fail.

As I delve deeper into love’s mystic, I discover layers divine,

Like the layers of an onion, I discover the many layers of you.

With each step closer, the deeper I spiral into all that is you.

The whirling winds frightening, a fragile heart hesitates in fear,

If my feet run now, I will keep running till angels call my name.

Contrasting thoughts disappear as I feel our love slowly blossom.

Seeing an essence of purity in you, I start to build my trust in love.

Never more to feel broken, forever stay strong in the love we share,

Someone to fully understand me as I am, I never knew it to be you.

I realise I did us wrong by preventing my heart expressing all I feel.

As years of yearning turned to months and mere weeks of waiting,

Nearer comes the day when we can be, excitement rains floods of joy.

Expressing my tearful emotions of love, held in your warm embrace,

The smiles on our faces, every blink of our eyes saying so much.

Blinded in clouds of ecstasy, our hearts drenched in love’s serenity.

Closing doors to our sad pasts, let us build a future of you and me.

Let us discover all that we are, by discovering the love held within.

Holding on tight ride the wings of love, let us fly to heaven’s door.

Define our purpose in life’s meaning by knowing who we are within,

Discover through love all that we are, as we walk in love filled days.


In collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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