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Distant Admiration - with @psitsallrandom

You walk so gently, a star shining bright,

Beneath bright blue skies, a rainbow your halo,

Like a serpent of many colours, it frames your aura.

I stand back watching in awe, fearful to come near,

For I fear to taint your image with my humble presence.

Not wanting to diminish your light in the slightest,

I silently move away from your path keeping a distance.

I wish not for the faintest shadow to cast upon you.

I am certain our paths shall never converge,

But I continue to enjoy your angelic beauty from afar.

You shone like the purest diamond ever found,

A perpetual glow that can never tarnish.

You continue to shine, a brightness almost blinding,

You look as delicate as glass, ever so graceful,

But as I look at you, I know you are unassailable.

Not every beautiful flower should be taken for our own,

Some are best left to fully blossom in all its splendour,

So all may be gifted by an untainted beauty in full splendour.

Images of you inscribed on a memory will forever remain,

Like a faded picture in a pocket, you will dwell.


and @psitsallrandom

Cover Image courtesy of Pexcel

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