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Do Not Leave Me

An aching heart and tear-filled eyes, I watch you lay supine,

In plea of not ending our journey ahead of time.

It would be easy for me to yield, appease our two hearts broken,

But it would only delay the inevitable and prolong the pain.

Two hearts yearn for the same, a life united in heaven’s bliss,

To walk hand in hand till we are summoned to heaven’s door.

Dance in the winds of life drinking the sweet elixir of the gods,

But what of the hurdles we must overcome to reach such an end?

Till we learn to work through our hurdles we remain stranded,

For games of apathy and emotional blackmail fail to succeed,

With illusions of reprieve, love born of sympathy is short lived.

If our love is to last, we need resolution to save our loves decay.

Perhaps with heads and hearts together we seek for our answers,

Standing together, work through our plight in search of nirvana,

If we find solutions and gain honest commitment in trust,

We may continue to be as ‘Us’, and I would not have to leave.


Cover image courtesy of @aquasixio (Instagram)

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