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Drawn Like Moths to a Flame, Kindred Souls Meet

Through warm hazel eyes; I gaze at the divine spark,

That lies deep within; masked by beauty abound,

Drawn like a moth to a flame; I bask in your light,

The journey ahead; to who knows where,

The lessons to be learned; scribed on the fabric of our Souls,

Written by our hand; in days of old.

Anxiously I await; for each day to dawn,

Anticipating moments that unfold; food for our divine Souls,

If tomorrow fails to dawn; our exchange will be fulfilled,

Saddened hearts will walk away; till brighter days come to pass,

Puppets in a grand play; we dance to the rhythm of the universe,

Feeling the pulse; through an earthly being.

The lessons that we learn; remain scribed within,

Forming the mould; of what we will once be,

I thank you for what we now share; it will always remain,

For in the stillness of the night; I will forever remember,

Inscribed on the fabric of my being; through the river of time,

You may walk away; but our encounter will never be erased.

Born in worlds apart; but our paths still meet,

Is it mystery or chance; perhaps crafted by a power far greater,

To run would be easy; for there would be no pain,

But denied forever I would be; of the joys that you bring,

Like the fear of decay; would never see a flower blossom,

Instead like a Moth to a flame; I willingly travel to touch your sweet Soul,

Kindred spirits we will remain; entwined in an eternal flame.

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