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Drifting Through Life

You stand by the window; a cool breeze drifts in,

You turn around; there I stand,

I hold out my hand; you hesitate in fear,

You fear for the future; you fail to live in the now,

Adios sweet princess, a Jewell in the night sky.

I never ask for change; be who you are,

Take me for who I am; for that is all I can be,

Look through the many layers; see the core within,

Reaching through heaven’s stairways; dreams we meet,

Touched by a divine spark; a world lights up.

Continue to walk; the path Less travelled,

Leave no stone uncovered; in search for the self,

Controlling the fear; each step must soon be the past,

Perhaps when we pay the ferryman; again we meet,

I can’t say forever babe; my frail eyes don’t see so far.

Drifting through life’s way; illusions and emotions,

Standing by the ocean; reflect on years gone by,

In the twilight of life as we know, the end is nigh,

In deep contemplation; seek through ashes of memory,

Discover the Jewell of experience, as you drift through life.

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