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Echoes of Emptiness

We run and play at the rolling water’s edge,

Warm winds blowing gently on smiling faces,

Heart’s as free as that of innocent children,

Feet splash gleefully in gentle rolling tides,

Together we look to the horizon, the future unknown.

Our names we wrote on the soft silky white sand,

Enveloped within the shape of two blended hearts,

A future together we yearned for deep within.

The rolling of the tides washed our names away,

Hearts now float on water adrift on the deep blue sea.

As the turbulence grows, tender hearts drown,

In broken dreams, hearts now rest on the sandy seafloor.

Warm tears wash away intermingled with the rain,

Hidden behind the mask, the tears of a clown flow free,

In echoes of emptiness, hearts now lie beneath the sea.


Image credits to Pinterest

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