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Farewell! A Dove Has Flown

As we lay thee down; in the cold cauldron,

For a well-earned rest; the successful end of this passage in time,

Lay your head in eternal rest; as you rise dressed in a robe of light,

Wander the halls of a kingdom beyond; walk among the shadows,

We will meet at the boundaries; at the veil between our worlds.

In time as you review your passage; smile at what we once shared,

Know that you played your part so well; you willingly gave your due,

Nothing did I ever want for; including your love in abound,

Fly now and let your Soul fly free; soar in golden skies like an eagle,

Journey the great halls of learning; walk among those gone by.

We will all cherish our unique memories; smile at we once shared,

Reaching out in the still of night; we will meet through the shadows,

As we progress through the passage that remains; finish our journey,

For then we will meet again, jointly reflect on our history,

Together we will walk the realms of the heavens, to set our Souls free.

All the generations did gather; in perfect union,

To bid thee farewell; set you upon a brand-new journey,

They each sang their songs of praise; appreciation of all that you are,

Fly now through the halls of wonder; do not be bound by what has passed,

Look ahead in full confidence, know your work here has been done.

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