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Farewell to A Brother

You now roam free, to walk the astral pathways,

Free of your vessel, your troubled heart now at rest,

We may grieve your departure, but we do not judge,

For none could ever see, life through your eyes,

We only saw a glimpse of your pain, hidden well beneath a smile.

Go be by your loved ones, help them grieve their pain,

Say your sad goodbyes, make up for what was missed,

There is no rush, you are no longer bound by time,

Heal the hidden pains, that tormented your heart,

Then walk with the angels, as they guide you by the hand.

Rejoice in what you achieved, celebrate your joys.

What was left undone, there will be time to do once again,

Walk not in regret, for you lifted many hearts,

There are many who wish, we could have done the same,

I will always remember, our time together my friend,

We will again rejoice in heaven, for we will meet again.

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