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Fears Paralysing

Two Souls resonate; in an uncanny synchronicity,

Yet in life’s way, union seems denied; a sad sense of cruelty,

The ache of an empty heart; filled with an emptiness so immense,

Standing drenched in a rain of tears; I watch as you dance to your rhythm,

Love eternal evident in my smile; I hold out my hand when you need,

My eyes tell their own story; the yearning of my Soul evident.

Your heart desires a way forward; fulfil a tender heart’s desires,

But an insurmountable fear paralysing; blocking your path forward,

Psychological holds binding; chains you lack strength to break free,

Tepidly you play games of deceit; to appease inner desires,

With each step forward; two steps you take in retreat,

The strength of another’s hold; I fail to understand.

Giving into deepest desires; your heart soars among the stars,

Your eyes light up the way; to the core of a divine Soul,

Then the fear of your demons take hold; time to seek shelter in denial,

I can wait no longer sweet jewel of the Balkan; I fear for my heart,

I am a bird of freedom; binding chains could never hold me,

Two hearts will be broken; for your fears will not let our love be told.

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