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Feathers and Tears

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

A feather on my chest, tells me you were here by me,

My tear-soaked pillow tells me you are gone.

A love like ours cannot be; yet cannot end for eternity.

Moments of sharing within astral halls is all we have.

In dreams we live moments created in days of wonder,

With wind in our hair and love in our hearts we danced.

The rhythm of life in our blood, the highway at our feet,

We rode the wild highways of life, sliding in lanes of love.

Our new reality may now be that we walk separate ways,

But that does not change the past we knew as reality.

The you I loved back then still the same, just grown in life’s way.

So why would I despise you now, you remain the same today.

We danced under many rainbow serpents beneath blue skies,

We played in warm crystal blue waters, drank our fill of life.

We walked many paths where we could not see eye to eye,

We are but only human, we only see through our own eyes.

I now travel a path of solitude, many roads less travelled,

Searching as I learn life’s way, find my centre of existence.

My heart content in its peace, I look towards the twilight years,

Life has been kind, I have had my fill, nothing else I ask for.


Image credits to Pinterest

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