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Flight of the Butterfly

As I sat gazing; within my father’s kingdom,

I rested my thoughts; on the wings of a butterfly,

They carried him from place to place; all in a day’s work,

His simplistic, innocent beauty; a symbol of peace,

He flutters freely; from flower to flower,

Gaining life source; from another form of life,

Giving back life to the source; by a process of pollination,

Totally at peace; meaning no one harm, asking for nil,

Granting joy to any that see you; by your wings of many colours,

Yet your peaceful beauty; only lives for a short while.

My thoughts reached back; the days of the caterpillar,

Restricted movement; yet, so many legs,

A body so articulated; motion, still two dimensional,

Beautiful! I think not; rather ugly in fact,

You selfishly take of the land; giving nil in return,

The bigger and uglier you get; with each young leaf you take,

The hairs of a thousand demons; rest upon your back,

Given life, you just take life; greedily at will,

Now you lay trapped in a cocoon; a prisoner of yourself,

No movement; you just seem to sit and pout,

Your world seems dark; a victim of your greed.

Now I look into the chrysalis; a physical prison, built of greed,

You get nothing from the world; giving nothing back to life,

You exist bound in another dimension; immune to the world you once knew,

You exist in such a sad state; void of physical growth, starved of life,

Perhaps if you broke free; from the physical bindings,

Transcend all that surrounds you; look above the stormy clouds,

Fly free as the butterfly; beautiful in its grace,

His wings filled of colours; total freedom rewarding the end of the journey,

Peaceful one; your life path touches me,

It reminds me of my own life path; within the frame of an earthly humanity.

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