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Footprints on Time

You walk so tall; joy you just radiate,

Smiling; your world a happy place,

But behind that smile; you hide the tears of your heart,

Scarred so young; the hurt runs so deep,

Gaining in strength; for you were made bear,

You walk this passage through time; a pride unto yourself,

Swimming in stagnant waters; change you now seek,

The growth must go on; time stands still for no man,

As in plants that we nurture; flowers blossom in abundance,

Believe in your goals sweet friend; for the end, you will surely conquer.

As a friend I stand beside thee; know that I am here,

I shall be as the bridge; to help you across the river,

Make the winds blow warmer; make still waters flow,

Take from me what you will; our day has just begun,

Through the wind and rain; your Soul must shine on through,

Its guiding light you must follow; therein lies your completeness,

Linked to the sun and the moon; you must dance to the tune of the universe,

Through the burdens of your sorrow; learn the joys of love,

Never turn away from your goals dear friend; through all hurdles you must walk,

Cast aside all shadows of doubt; reach for me when you tend to falter,

For I am the silent observer; sailing the winds around your Soul.

If time sees me no longer beside thee; know I am still within thy reach,

For I walk the ancient paths; reach out on the heavenly stairways,

If I ride the wild winds to yonder; I still do not forsake thee,

Sword in hand I walk the strange lands; my quest being my Soul,

When you are in need; simply lie still, clear thy mind,

See my face, simply reach out; for my hand you shall have,

My strength I shall send unto thee; through the golden threads of humanity,

Locked in a play; in our short passage through time,

At the end of time; our bodies may decay,

But our memories will always remain; permanent footprints, imprinted on time.

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