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Friends from Afar

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Connecting through the magic of synchronicity; a gift from the Gods,

The puppeteer plays the strings; we dance to the tune,

Kin Souls meet; through a common interest in life,

Her heart so open and honest; a Soul so kind and true,

Her words warming and uplifting; smiles lighting the day.

As friends we have never met; for we live in worlds apart,

Still we share so much; consuming the hours of dawn,

Truth and honesty a mandate; we speak from our core,

Our written message a common thread; often a glove for the hand,

Hearts enriched from each experience; a bond shared through the journey.

Her demeanour as free as a butterfly; an infectious smile for the world,

Pure and innocent her life’s view; a reflection of an untainted heart,

Enriched from the connection I remain; in hope the same is mirrored,

Though we dwell in times apart; where one’s night is the others day,

Distanced in the physical we may be, pray we remain friends from afar.

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