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A friendship was placed upon your hand; a gift given so willingly,

A choice for you to place it upon your heart; or let it blow in the winds that pass,

The emotional attachment that is shared; I cannot explain or know why,

Our friendship though we may try to forget; to satisfy the confusion of mind,

Returns time and again; akin to the flight of the Boomerang,

Returning ever again; in friendship, we stand side by side.

I try not to fight against the tide of emotion; I simply let life be,

But you sweet princess; does your heart sing in glee,

Or does the confusion eat at your heart; destroying the essence of your being,

Do those eyes as blue as the Oceans; cloud with tears of confusion,

Will they smile forever; rejoicing in the friendship we share,

Live life dear friend; I am always there.

Like the Boomerang that always returns; my friendship is always there,

Hold it with both hands; hold on to it through life,

If our friendship should ever fall at your feet; tread gently, watch your step,

Picking it up hold it once more; or leave it buried among the burning sands,

Such choices we have laid before us; as we walk through life’s way,

Right and wrong inscribed only in our hearts; for it is our truth we each live.

There is no expectation in friendship; what is given is only shared,

We each inscribe our unique experience; in the book of our lives,

To be read one glorious day; when we dwell high up in the skies,

Dance to a tune of your choosing; let the winds of life sing,

Smile at waking each day; welcoming the sun’s life-giving ray,

Let your heart fly; secure in the friendship, that came your life’s way.

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