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Healing Hearts

As we come together; one day in each week,

We assemble close together; a warm circle of human life,

Simple people; from various walks of life,

Born of a God; visiting a school, dressed in human form,

The earth being our school; where together we learn,

The simple purification; of a divine Soul.

The reason we gather; to heal those built of matter,

The sick and the lost; dis-ease in the world we live in,

Be it our loved ones, be it our foes; this causes no change,

For we our children of the Universe; each playing our roles,

Our aim is to cause; divine light to shine in each dark corner,

To help those who live in the dark; to walk a path of divine order.

Are we doctors or surgeons of science; oh no, nothing so elaborate,

We are but simple mediums; channels of divine love,

The power of our healing; comes not from ourselves,

We purely heal; in the name of a creator,

The power granted by him; our divine source,

Working with healing ministers; we carry out his divine intention,

Aiding those who suffer; disharmony within their Soul.

Our method is not of a new age; very old in fact,

Shown to us by a simple man; name him what you like,

Did he not heal the sick; in the name of our father, our creator,

Did he not heal the blind; with the power of unconditional love,

Was he not a channel; of his father’s divine love,

As I cease pen to paper; I leave you this,

When one believes in divine magic,

One has the power of the universe; at his command.

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