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I Came Upon a Star - Poem

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

In the silence of the night, I looked upon the stars,

Silently voicing my inner desires and dreams untold.

Lost in my reverie, calmness was my state of being.

The stars simply blinked in their luminous glow,

But my inner yearnings somehow seemed answered.

Confused of mind but serene deep within,

I closed my eyes in quiet contemplation.

With no further answers within, I opened my eyes,

Surprised I was to find you there right beside me,

You stood in full glory, a quiet confidence in your eyes.

You gently held out your hand, asking me for mine,

Though many hurdles we faced, my hand gladly took yours,

Your sweet smile showed, your heart was the same as mine.

I knew within, the stars had answered my heart’s call,

I came upon a star right near me, breathing in the shape of you.


Image credits to Pinterest

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