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I Remember You

I remember you in the break of dawn.

The way you walked in litheness and grace.

Your feminine aura so tantalising, mesmerising in fact.

Your effervescent smile sending shivers up my spine.

Your tender caress setting my heart aflame.

I remember you in the still of night.

Watching you sleep like an angel at rest in total peace.

Your shallow breathing to the rhythm of life so calming.

The softness of your skin against me a divine wonderment.

I felt in heavenly peace as you lay your body next to me.

I remember you as we traversed the wilderness.

Your melodious laughter as we skipped through flowing streams.

The innocent games we played hiding among the trees.

The intimacy we shared as we lay in embrace by the campfire.

The warmth, the closeness we shared beneath starlit skies.

I will remember you as they lay me in a cold cauldron.

I will reminisce on what we shared and all what we missed.

I will wait among the angels till it is your time to return home.

I will be there to greet you when the ferryman delivers you safe.

Together we can then remember all that we shared.

Cover Image credit to Pinterest

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