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In-between Chapters

Through empty eyes I gaze; watch the dreams of yester-year dwindle,

The end of another chapter; in the journey of the Soul,

Walked many dead ends I have; helping those in need,

At the end of each road; the cold dark void of emptiness reins,

Patiently await the next chapter; when the sun may shine once again,

Walk the cold empty nights; till the dawn of the new day.

Days filed with a vulnerable anxiety; the nights bring rest,

Lost and alone in total darkness; a cold and empty Soul begs for release,

From the cutting edge of Loves way; the pains along the journey,

Leave lessons unlearned for another journey; allow my weary Soul some rest,

Still the faintest flame of a divine spark; drives an urge to go on,

To enlighten my weary Soul; from each scar picked up along the journey.

Evaluating my part in dances of love; learn what I can from each experience,

Memories continue to haunt; in the still of the long lonely nights,

Strength to continue faltering; the will to give up just at the edge of the line,

Daring to wonder in trembling fear; what tomorrow may bring,

A heart filled with loves joy; or the emptiness of a lost lonely Soul,

I guess that’s why life is a mystery; as we play our part to an unknown script.

Slowly reassembling each piece of a broken heart; each day becomes easier,

Each night marking the end of each day; one minute step to being whole again,

They time is only on our wrist; still days seem so slow at times such as this,

When will this damaged heart be whole again; to fill a dark & empty void within?

The virtue of patience must be funded; strength to get through the chapters in-between.

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