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In the Eyes of Another - with @Mrs_Tara_Aryan

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Blinks unravel truths that begin to uncover.

I sit by the water’s edge, thoughts of you fill my mind.

The forbidden fruit, the apple that dons my eye, love is blind,

They say you are not good for me; I should let you go.

Sat in this boat alone, aching as I row,

For you walk on the other side of the river holding another.

One glance in your direction, I peel back your layers and uncover.

When I look in your eyes I see through to your soul,

Bitten into tiny remnants of a person who bares a gaping hole,

So tender, vulnerable, you yearn for what is complete and true.

In the eyes of another, I want the deepest part of you,

It matters not what you seem in the eyes of another,

To caress your skin through pleasure and pain, a desire to be your lover,

For I see you through my eyes and not that of another.

Tears of torment for now, I will have to endure and suffer.


A collaboration with @mrs_tara_aryan and

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