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Let Love Live Forever - with Jenith Minion

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Life in the here and now, I live each day with adapted ease,

Hopes and cherished dreams locked away, as the strength I lack to face,

A tomorrow filled of shattered pieces is all what I hope and dream.

A prisoner of my sad past I remain, I am the sole keeper of the keys,

I stand behind steel bars looking out, a heavy heart I learn to ignore.

The bloom of our love I adore, his fragrance of strength spreads upon me.

Like the incessant waves of the oceans, my love for him does not cease.

My sole wish is to delight him with the embrace of the true love we share,

As our love flourishes, I gather strength to venture past my prison self-made,

I feel his heart flutter in merriment, his elation sincere for the world to see!

My words of insecurity flicker fast and slow, the melody seems to lead to an end.

Broken and detached his heart withdraws, my hand held out, I stand at his door,

Knocks unanswered I stand in the rain, a heart full of words with no way to say.

Moved by his love I question myself; do I forget past wounds? Let love has its way,

As I live within a cell, those of my past gloat in pathetic victories of useless ends.

Unanswered I stand, yet the roots of love in my heart are slowly strengthened.

While thoughts of mind imprison me within the walls of self-learnt lessons,

A sad past I vividly see, never do I wish to be bound in the totality of true love,

A love filled life of forever, two souls bound as one shut out of my fragile mind,

Fallen in love’s way, do I give myself to live a life of passion in his embrace?

Pain and joy, sad memories, cherished dreams, past and future; in conflict within,

Pained I ponder the profound conflict; the will of mind and a heart driven by love?

I know not what I truly need, differing voices within, confusion my state of mind,

Which voice do I heed, allow our love to flourish though later it may bleed?

Perhaps if our bond is true, our hearts and minds will let love live forever as one.

Hurt and disappointment born of yearning expectations I fear to harbour.

Serene spaces of love so prime shared with him in joy; do I leave upon the wind?

I believe in eternal love, a bond so pure will ever exist, even living in worlds apart,

Distances nor failed dreams can destroy the love I have for his kind loving soul.

Rise above past fears I must, let love live forever till heaven calls our names.

Believing in the love we share, patiently he guides me as my mind wavers in doubt,

Nurturing our bond with tender loving care, believing in the end I will come true,

He patiently sits outside my prison cell, waiting for tender moments I can give.

Content with mere morsels I give through prison walls, he smiles to hide the pain,

I pray my heart will win, find strength to walk out the door, find solace by his side.

The future is not ours to see, learning from the past, we live in the here and now,

Do I live in full each day given to us, or never know of love complete and true?

Freight trains shunting in my mind must stop, if I am to bask in the love we found,

The clouds of illusion I must see beyond, to give our love an even chance.

Walk out the door in free will, take his hand in mine, with him let love live forever.


In collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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