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Life! A State of Illusion

I was born unto the river; the great river of life,

I came alone; as I shall leave alone,

I was born unto a family; who answered my calling,

They brought me into a life; a state of grand illusion,

Simply for the purpose; of sharing in learning,

We see in each other; that what we wish to see,

But will you ever know me; the totality of my being,

No, my sweet young friend; you will never know me,

You may hold my face; as you say you love me,

But still, you never hold me; no not really,

For I am an energy; what you hold is only earthly,

You speak my name; but you know not my name of yesterday,

You claim that you see me; yet you do not really see me,

For you only see; that what you wish to see,

Your eyes are not mine; as mine are not yours,

That what you see; is not what I see,

For that what you see; is naught but an illusion,

An illusion; of what you wish me to be.

Did you love me when I was thy slayer; as you did whilst I was your lover,

Did you love me when I was thy foe; as you did when I was thy friend,

Did you love me when I was the villain; as you did when I was the victim,

Did I not steal from thee; still this earths gold I gave unto thee,

I am an instrument of death; as I am a giver of life,

I am the fire that burns; as I am the light that nurtures,

You say I am the Satan; but is that not thy own reality,

As it is; when I am thy creator’s own helper,

I am the saint as I am the sinner; and all that is within,

For without black; what reality has white,

Does not the slayer get slain; to know its reality,

Thus, I say to thee; life is an illusion,

To experience a reality; the reality of your being.

Dear sweet child; born of a God,

I gave life unto thee; from the depths of my loin,

But you my sweet child; you will never know me,

The real me, the one within; not the illusion,

You speak my name; but is that not a reality only unto me,

For I do not own thee; I just give the best I can give thee,

Your path in trust; you must faithfully follow,

I am but only; what you need me to be,

I will grant thee my love, my strength; all I can give unto thee,

But you will never know me; as my own mother never knew me,

For I am an illusion; for the purpose of learning.

I live solely for nourishment; of my divine Soul,

All I seek in this life; is to love humanity with all my might,

I may hold a knife; among a bed of roses,

As I hold a rose; among a den of thieves,

I have shown you the right and wrong; the black and white,

The choice remains yours; for I am an illusion,

As you blink your eyes; I shall be gone,

Beyond your existence; to another dimension,

Remember sweet child; I was only a reality for an instance of time,

For I briefly live in this life; a state of grand illusion.

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