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Life's Encounters

Travel your unique paths; learn in life’s way,

Live the desires of your hearts; waver not in fear,

Hold your head high; trust in the voice within,

Soar in the winds of heaven; to set your Souls free,

For isn’t life after all; a journey for the Soul.

I have lived my life; as best I know how,

If I were to walk my path again; I would treasure each encounter over again,

I may not have always been right; my journey was for my learning,

Thank you for the roles you each played; heavenly signposts to light up my way,

Helping to unravel each layer; to expose my very essence, all that I am.

My journey now well advanced; the end within reach,

The miles may have been hard; but the joys will reign,

Though the body will one day fail; our memories will always live,

Inscribed on time; in perpetual ink,

The events of our lives will not wither; embedded in each layer instead.

I have no regrets; enriched in fond memories I remain,

Yearning for wholeness I travel; the search for myself,

Through each encounter in life’s play; one step closer,

The tireless journey so taxing; wearing holes in my heart,

But each encounter urging me on; in search of Nirvana.

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