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Life's Search

Walking along the urban sprawls through day and night.

Busy streets and rain splattered walkways,

Filled of many people, cloaked in coats of varied design.

Each in a hurry in search of goals with no time to pause,

Yet they all seek, a peaceful life with love untainted.

Traversing the wilderness from distant hills to desert lands.

Infrequent nomads pass by, headed for varied destinations.

A friendly greeting for we walk a common path through life.

In search of differing fulfillment, whatever that may be,

Yet ultimately seeking, harmony in life with love pure and true.

Journeying through the shadows of the valley of death.

Distraught souls lost in their way, eager hands reaching for help,

Desperately seeking release, they search for the light shining bright.

Pausing at the edge, we touch through the veil separating dimensions.

For we all seek for love unconditional as we dwell in heaven’s peace.

Cultures and creeds do not differentiate, as people we are the same.

We search through life’s experience, seeking a common goal within.

Though we may at times lose our way, clouded by varied illusions,

The people of the nations are as one, we search for the same.

Peace and tranquillity within, bonded through love perfect and true.

Cover Image credits to Pinterest

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