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Love from a Distance

Gentle rolling waves break upon distant foreign shores,

The tides of emotion ebb and flow, like water on the soft white sand.

As you gently walk amidst the waning flow, feel my love laid your feet,

My heart rides upon the oceanic flow spanning the miles between us,

Embracing all that is you in my love as the gentle water bathes your skin.

As you float upon the warm salty water, close your eyes, feel my love flow,

Filling every pore of your being; warming within with each breath you take,

Your gentle hand I cannot hold but my spirit is by you with each step you take.

Distance we must endure till the universe allows us to unite in love’s way,

Wrapped in each other’s arms closely, allow love to flow between our hearts.

I dream of that day, patiently I wait for us to be entwined in each other’s arms,

Gazing deep into our eyes, let our souls touch, share the love held deep within.

Allow our love to flow as we create our story written in the scripts of ages,

Etch in golden ink our story on the fabric of life to be read through eternity,

Two silhouettes blended as one as we dance under the glowing candlelight.

Two divine sparks broken in life’s way, trudged upon by those gone past.

We found each other through a connection of our hearts, a profound love grew,

Inner yearnings grow stronger each day, a calling of souls to unite as one.

The tides of time we cannot overcome, patiently we must await fates calling,

Till the day distance no longer separates us, we can only love from a distance.


Image Credits to Pinterest

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